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Hi. I'm Moshe Simantov 👋

Moshe SimantovMoshe Simantov

Short Bio

I started my career as a freelance software engineer nearly two decades ago, I quickly found my footing in the vibrant startup scene. I know how to get things done, and I'm passionate about building products that make a difference.

I wore many hats - from backend to frontend development and even as a CTO - honing my technical prowess with each venture and learning how to navigate the challenges of building a successful product.


I started building computer games when I was 11 years old. My first programming language afterwards was C. Since then I had the opportunity to work on many different projects and fund my first business when I was 17 years old. I helped many clients building e-commerce platforms, social networks, mobile apps and more.

I have a strong background in web development, specifically with React, Node.js and TypeScript. I also have strong experience with hiring, building teams and managing projects. I am a strong believer in self-learning and I am always looking for new challenges.

Over the years I become really good at building scalable web applications, and help startups to plan and build their MVPs. I helped A.Team to build their MVP and raise their second round of funding. I also co-founded AnyTrack, and built the entire platform from scratch.

Nowadays, I am working on my own projects and helping other startups to build their products. I am also working on a new company and providing AI solutions for businesses and startups.


  1. Neuledge

    Founder & CEO


    Spearheading solutions for advanced data management and development tools tailored for next-gen web applications.

  2. AnyTrack

    Co-Founder & CTO


    Led the tech side of a SaaS startup specializing in conversion tracking and ad attributions, growing it to hundreds of customers and millions in sales revenue.

  3. A.Team

    Head Of Engineering


    A founding team member, I helped scale the company to its first $1M in sales, building the code infrastructure, assembling the dev team, and defining key product features.

  4. DoReMeet

    Chief Technology Officer


    As CTO, I developed the backend infrastructure and web application, led a team of engineers to provide live 360 video streaming for events, and facilitated a dynamic chat and music player.


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I'm excited to connect with others via email and Twitter to chat about projects and ideas. Currently, I'm not taking on freelance projects, but I am open to hearing about potential opportunities, discussing them with you and then potentially collaborating if it's a good fit.