This is me

Moshe Simantov

An Entrepreneur, Software Architect and Full-Stack Freelancer.
Basically I'm good at getting things done.

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Moshe Simantov


I have started programming computer games since age 11. At age 21, I found faith in science, became agnostic and graduated with a Bachelor's degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

I have over 16 years of experience design and building web start-ups. Right now I'm working on my own start-up and earn a living by freelancing for a few clients.

My Skills

Over the years, I acquired a wide range of capabilities.

High-End Architectures

Ability to design and implement complicated tasks in a simple and elegant structure with maximum flexibility.

Agile Development

Focus on the real value I added to the project and leading the dev. team to reach milestones as quickly as possible.

Product Design

Help clients and end-users define what they need, while eliminating any fractions and complicated interfaces.


That's what I do best.





A few compliments from my clients and friends.

There are practically no add-ons or requests that Moshe can't do. The positive feedback I get from my customers and my employees tells the whole story. Highly recommended!

Itzik, Jeepland

Moshe was gifted with the ability to design a very high technological architecture. He is curious, initiator, inventor and manager with high professional and managerial skills. He's the best programmer we've ever had!

Shmulik, IBand

Moshe has been a key actor in taking TrackingDesk forward. His ability to identify frictions-points and solve them fast and elegantly is simply outstanding.

Laurent, TrackingDesk

I met Moshe about 9 years ago. I had one meeting with him and I knew that I had found a rare and real professional. I didn't get just service of the highest standard but I also gained a friend.

Itzik, Jeepland

Moshe managed the development team in Israel and led it to new heights. All this is done with great modesty and interpersonal ability. Thanks to him, dreams have become reality.

Shmulik, IBand

While Moshe applies the strict developer playbook that gives stability to our code, he has also the creative mind that can work around challenges to get things done.

Laurent, TrackingDesk

The questions Moshe asked, the attention to detail, the vision of seeing how the whole system would work together and even things I hadn't thought about, brought me to giving him the job of recreating my online store.

Itzik, Jeepland

I had the pleasure of working with Moshe, while he was holding the CTO position and I must say he’s a real pro! Not only as senior developer and architect, but also as skilled manager and a colleague.

Raanan, Doremeet